Welcome to City Girl

Hi there!  My name is Stacey Lambert.  Folks know me as Stace, Sweave, Weave, Weaver and to a very few from my high school crew a combination of the two…Steve.  I’m a big city girl learning to enjoy the slower pace of country living.  My husband and I recently relocated from Chattanooga, TN to his beloved hometown in south Mississippi where we own a 1960s era farm house in need of a little love.  Follow along as we renovate our home, explore our love for growing anything and everything organically and see just how sustainable we can be while living off of our land.  Also making appearances from time to time are our 3 furkids (Louie, Rebel and Sassy) and our O.G. golden comet (Cheep Cheep).  They run the show around here…or so they think.  I can’t wait to share our many adventures with you here on Lambert Farm.  Feedback, questions, comments or just general awesomeness welcomed at CityGirlOrganics@gmail.com.

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